OK I’ve been lazy!

Happy New Year, before it’s too late to say it. I hope you all have a happy and peaceful 2011. There’s no point in going on about resolutions because I know what I’m like, but my intention is to post at least once a week. Or once a month. Whatever. And despite calling myself pinkshoesknits, I realise there’s precious little about knitting, so my intention is to rectify that also.

I’ve already found some irresistible patterns, and naturally I have a few things on the go. A pair of socks to replace the once that finally got finished a year after starting. A sweater called Lily in Ecological Twist – this yarn is beautiful. Phoenix Knitters have started a lovely project for the new year – Friendship Blanket which basically involves sending 2 8″ squares each month to your designated partner. At the end of the year we’ll each have enough squares to make a blanket. I ‘ve just about finished my January squares for Squirrel, hope she likes them. But the thing I’m most excited about is Strawberry Mittens from SpillyJane I think they’re the cutest things! Waiting for the yarn to arrive and I’m on the case.

My other intention is to learn to take better photos. In other words learn to use my camera. I’d also like to learn how to use this WordPress thingy. Both of these will happen, but may need some input from experts.

That’s a fair few intentions. I also intend to spend more time knitting, less time visiting facebook and the likes. To that end, I’m going to knit. See ya!


About pinkshoesknits

Hi, Pinkshoes here. This is my first crack at blogging so here's a couple of things about me. I live with my husband in a pretty village in East Yorkshire. I love to get down and dirty on my allotment and when I clean up my act I love knitting, crochet and sewing. If you share these hobbies, maybe you'd like to check in from time to time and see if there's anything interesting round here.
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One Response to OK I’ve been lazy!

  1. Squirrel says:

    I do love them, there gorgeous =D x

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