Signs of Life

Today is nice and sunny, though there was a good frost last night.  I took a morning walk up to the allotment and actually remembered the camera.  Yesterday I was astonished to see the tulips beginning to poke their noses out – see, you can just spot them …

The daffodils made their entrance a week or two ago … look, they’re under the chair.

The rhubarb is growing well too, and before I left I put a big trug over to force it into action.  I’ve not done this before, but apparently I can look forward to really nice young rhubarb in about 4 weeks.  Or I may have killed it stone dead.

I only have two blueberry bushes, which I’ve had for three years.  Each year they produce a bit more … here’s hoping

The experiments in the greenhouse (that just sounds wrong somehow, like a mad scientist trying to grow grotesquely huge veggies).  I’m just trying to grow normal stuff in abnormal temperatures.  Broad beans, peas, spinach, salad and some strawberries which might be ready a week or two earlier.

I usually sow sweepeas in October and they’re more than ready to plant out at the end of March.  They bloom much earlier than those sown straight in the ground or even January sowings, and last well into August if they’re picked regularly.  I didn’t do them this October and only got round to it a couple of weeks ago.  I clearly had good intentions though, because the seed packet lurked around the greenhouse throughout the extreme weather.  Add to that the fact that it was last year’s seeds and you can see I don’t hold out much hope.  However …

there she is!  The first (and perhaps only) sweetpea.

Some things are not doing so well, and I may have to start again …

Last year’s onions were a bit of a let down, small and a bit pathetic really.  I decided that since they didn’t store well I would only do a few this year.  I think I have some work to do to achieve even “a few”.

I did keep the crop though, puny as it is, because I want to try producing dye from plants and onion skins produce a purple dye – I believe.  You can tell straight away my knowledge of plants for dyeing equals nada, niente, nothing.  But I do want to learn, so if anyone reading this (is there anyone?) knows even a tiny bit more than nothing, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Say hi if you stop by, even if you don’t know about plants for dyeing.  It would be nice to see signs of life out there too!  Enjoy your weekend, hope the sun’s shining where you are.


About pinkshoesknits

Hi, Pinkshoes here. This is my first crack at blogging so here's a couple of things about me. I live with my husband in a pretty village in East Yorkshire. I love to get down and dirty on my allotment and when I clean up my act I love knitting, crochet and sewing. If you share these hobbies, maybe you'd like to check in from time to time and see if there's anything interesting round here.
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One Response to Signs of Life

  1. HabibiBoo says:

    Wow, you must have been up there pretty early, the frost looks lovely – it’s a great backdrop for those peeking plants!
    Don’t worry about the trug over rhubarb situation – we are currently forcing ours too and it really does bring them on. We’ve got two plants in the front garden (so the dogs don’t wee on them) and they are currently covered with plastic bins (the rhubarb, not the dogs)! Think of all that lovely rhubarb and ginger jam, rhubarb crumbles and rhubarb and custard you can enjoy once the rhubarb responds!
    Thanks for stopping by, am sharing your ideas about raised beds with Himself! 🙂

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