In which I made a doorstop

The problem with our conservatory is that the door to the outside world doesn’t stay open by itself -very annoying.  Ever resourceful, I came up with this solution …

very clever!  Can you see, two doors tied with a piece of (top quality) string.  One slight drawback is the occupant of that chair risks being garotted should they attempt to get up.

So I looked at fabric doorstops in various places but to be honest I felt my money could be better squandered spent on yarn or fabric.  Then I came across the lovely blog of Flossie Teacakes and found that she had designed the perfect doorstop for my needs.  The pattern is available to download (for a mere £3.50 or so) here.  The instructions are so clear and beautifully written that I feel the cat could follow them, though it likely would choose not to.  It didn’t take long at all, and the only modification I made was to use rice for the filling instead of the bird sand recommended by Florence.  The only reason for this was that our petshop has become a florist, apparently overnight, and I didn’t feel like trailing the length and breadth to find sand.  I used 2kg of the cheapest rice I could find (56p a kilo as it happens) and this does the job perfectly.  As an added bonus, should we fall upon hard times we have a secret food stash.  Here’s the doorstop

It’s not stopping the intended door, because this was a better photo.

The fabric is just some random stuff of roughly the colour scheme – not so exciting and if the wits had been working I might have centred the flower motif, but there you go.

Florence mentions the fancy way she’s attached the handles, and I must say it makes for a really strong join – as well as looking like an expert has been at work.

So huge thanks to the very talented Florence – I can now throw open the door to the sunshine, if it comes.


About pinkshoesknits

Hi, Pinkshoes here. This is my first crack at blogging so here's a couple of things about me. I live with my husband in a pretty village in East Yorkshire. I love to get down and dirty on my allotment and when I clean up my act I love knitting, crochet and sewing. If you share these hobbies, maybe you'd like to check in from time to time and see if there's anything interesting round here.
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3 Responses to In which I made a doorstop

  1. That is fantastic!! (And a lot safer than the piece of string!) I’m attempting some sewing at the minute, but I find it scary compared to knitting.

  2. Squirrel says:

    Wow! I’m loving this. The material is fantastic and I have to agree, much safer and trendier than string. It looks awesome x

  3. Florence says:

    Your doorstop is beautiful & I’m so delighted that you found the pattern easy to follow! Thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of your blog so that I could come and peep at what you’ve made!


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