Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without …

Santa!  And here he is, or it might be one of his little helpers.  I’m afraid this post is sheer self-indulgence – I could look at my wee grandson forever. Baby Robert Christmas


About pinkshoesknits

Hi, Pinkshoes here. This is my first crack at blogging so here's a couple of things about me. I live with my husband in a pretty village in East Yorkshire. I love to get down and dirty on my allotment and when I clean up my act I love knitting, crochet and sewing. If you share these hobbies, maybe you'd like to check in from time to time and see if there's anything interesting round here.
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3 Responses to Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without …

  1. Helene says:

    Your grandson is gorgeous! What joy for you! Wishing you and your family every blessing for the new year. x

  2. Thank you Helene, we consider ourselves very fortunate indeed. Health and happiness in 2013 to you and those you love … lang mae yer lum reek! (Google will help if necessary :D)

  3. Rosalie says:

    He’s pretty cute. Sure, we will indulge you! Rosalie

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