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Pinkshoes actually Knits

Most of my posts seem to be of the allotment variety and Pinkshoesknits has become something of a misnomer.  To avoid being accused of misrepresentation, here’s one I made earlier.  A lot earlier.  In fact, it’s close to two years … Continue reading

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Just in time

If this goes according to plan, I’ll achieve a January post before it’s too late.  Notoriously a dreary month, nevertheless it’s been a busy one with a big birthday (DH), a visit from a very dear family member (BiL) who … Continue reading

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A little knitting

I wrote earlier about Strawberry Mittens Well here they are. I’m quite pleased with them, but if I do another pair I think I’ll modify the decrease section. The original is a bit square and the part-strawberry at the beginning … Continue reading

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Another diversion

After an idle 20 years my sewing machine saw the light of day a couple of years ago.  Sadly a perished nylon gizmo pushed it towards death’s door.  But wait, what’s this!  A guy in American Samoa, which is about … Continue reading

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OK I’ve been lazy!

Happy New Year, before it’s too late to say it. I hope you all have a happy and peaceful 2011. There’s no point in going on about resolutions because I know what I’m like, but my intention is to post … Continue reading

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My Happy Place

Today is no day for gardening.  We still have really high winds, and apart from visiting the allotment to ensure everything was tethered, I haven’t ventured far.  So it seems like the right time to focus on knitting and such, … Continue reading

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